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 The art & science of intentional planning

Make an Actionable Plan to Balance Your Work and Life in 90 Minutes.

Create Your Intentional Planning Practice

I get the 9-5 life, business life, and that mum life, friend. 

We may have just met, but I’ve got an honest question for you: Is your calendar a place where ease & efficiency meet? ...or is it keeping your life on overdrive? Do you feel like your career success is coming at the expense of your sleep, health, and family time? I’ve been there myself, and I’m here to say, not on my watch, friend. 

You can create a space where you can find the results and the rest that you crave.

When you’re a professional juggling work, children, a home life, or even your own small business, you’re incessantly bombarded with messages to hustle harder. Dream bigger. Never give up. Because you can have it all!

While these motivational messages mean well, they can lead to an unhealthy work habits...and unhappy life. What are you really getting out of your jam-packed schedule and endless checklists? 

That’s why an intentional planning practice is so important. Rather than learn how to manage your packed schedule or be more productive, it’s vital that you focus on what really matters in your day-to-day. Life gets busy, and you have big dreams for yourself. That’s why intentional planning matters.

Introducing the Intentional Planning workshop.

It’s time to stop worrying about being more productive or doing more with less time.

Instead, you need a sustainable schedule that aligns with your needs and goals. That begins with intentional planning practice.

When you access this training, I’ll help you:

Discover your “why” and how to use it for practical planning your priorities. We'll work on a simple exercise to help you identify your why, make it memorable, and use it as a tool daily.



Create habits and routines that help you become more balanced and calm (even if you have kids around). You'll walk away with a system to help you start your day on a positive note, prepare to tackle your priorities, AND make time to recharge.


How to stay focused on your priorities so you can stay motivated and create momentum. After our workshop together, you will have a clear 3-step plan of action that will help you achieve your dreams. We'll help you get rid of planning overwhelm, teach you how to set meaningful intentions and create a simple roadmap for success so you can take bold actions with ease.


Manage your time and attention according to your values, using 3 special techniques that take less than 3 minutes. Yes, really!

Who is the Intentional Planning workshop for?
  • … you’re a working professional managing a career, a family, a business, and personal obligations
  • … you feel exhausted, unenergized, or unmotivated when planning for the future
  • … you find it difficult to focus on the things that truly move the needle, and instead worry about your constantly growing to-do list

  •  … you feel as though there’s never enough time, or that you’re not doing “enough”

  •  … you putting into practice what you already know will change the game for you

  •  …you struggle with actually doing the things because you get frozen by distractions 


“I am SO glad I discovered Carina. The ethos of making small steps everyday adding up to make a big difference to progress is one I fully identify with. The key is being intentional about these steps and what the ‘why’ is.”

- A.N.

Ready for more intentional planning to help you feel less frazzled?

What’s Included

Join high-performance coach and creator of the Ponderlily planner, Carina Lawson, and learn how to make a plan to balance your work and life in 90 minutes.

Join us live! You’ll also have 3 days of access to the recording if you can’t join us live.

  • Productivity Personality Archetype (valued at $57)
  • A Ponderlily gift card when you complete the workshop assessment (valued at $10)
  • Session workbook with resources mentioned in the session ($97)
  • A 60-minute high-performance coaching strategy session (valued at $125)
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meet Carina

Carina Lawson is an MBA-backed founder to Ponderlily Paper & Planners, Business Efficiency Consultant, and High-Performance coach who supports clients in making empowered decisions with their time to live full out, even when life gets full.

She has been featured on BBC Radio, contributed to Stylist magazine, and served as a panelist at Enterprise Nation UK. You can learn more about Carina on her website www.ponderlily.com or connect with Carina on Instagram @weareponderlily.


There were some great ideas for small actions which could have a big impact on your day [in this workshop]. Julie C.